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Building The Future with Dotun

Jul 3, 2017

In this first episode of Building the Future podcast,I had a chat with Iyinoluwa Aboyeji. He is a serial entrepreneur at a very young age, and was recently listed in Forbes 30 under 30 influencers in Africa. He was a co-founder at Andela, a talent accelerator startup which raised $24m from Mark Zuckerberg's foundation. He later left to start Flutterwave, a payment processing company which is growing really fast and had raised money from several other investors including Ycombinator.  

We talked about how to build platforms that will enable the next generations of African entrepreneurs to build scalable business across the continent.

In this show, we talked about Iyin’s previous businesses...why he initially wanted to be a taxi driver, how he sold his first business in his final year at University of Waterloo….what led to Andela...and why he jumped ship to start Flutterwave.

But that's not all… we had in depth discussions on payment processing platforms such as Flutterwave obviously :), Paystack, Stripe, Amplify Pay among others. The point was to find out what works best, but as E says, “the game is aggregation.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn,

  • Government regulations and how significant impact innovation in the African tech space
  • How to pivot from a struggling startup to a multinational company employing hundreds of people through Andela fellowship
  • What is Andela business model and how you can apply it in other sectors even if you are not technical
  • The growth of fintech companies in Africa, and why building payment infrastructure is super important for growth in the continent
  • How to invest in people